Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More Tudor Crossing Photots

If you have seen one team go by you've seen them all?? Maybe to the jaded Anchorage residents but not to me. Every bunch of dogs looked a bit different and how they watched the spectators, took the sharp turn just past my vantage point and of course the mushers--their stance on the sled, their response to the crowds, and overall demeanor--there were no two alike. I just wish I could identify each and every team, but I can't. I'm not a pro photographer and my eyes were not the best that day so I felt lucky to get the level of shots I managed. I got the greater part of the women, pure luck! There was no way to quickly identify most of the mushers and teams. I could not always read the bib numbers, much less record them! So in some cases, my best guess--the numbers get fuzzy the longer you squint!

Bib 32 Hans Gatt

Bib 34 Jeff King

Bib 36, Allen Moore
(Mr. Aliy) SPK

Bib 37 Jessie Royer (5th w/ all16 dogs!)
Bib 52 Katherine Keith

Bib 56 Melissa Stewart (?)

Bib 58 Monica Zappa

Bib 73 Kristy Berington

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