Sunday, March 5, 2017


I am here, crazy busy and having a blast. Not a. lot of spare time so I am doing mostly Facebook for now. I have taken lots of pix but not uploaded them yet. Really need to get home to crop and clean them. . But I did get about 65 of the 73 mushers yesterday. Volunteers are from all over and have made many new friends. Check my FB page (Gwynn Morgan) for short updates and I will be back here if and when I can!!


  1. Hello from Alaska, readers of Gwynn's blog! She is being too brief, so I'll fill in a few details: She received an invitation from the Iditarod trail guards to accompany them to one of the "best seats in the house" for Iditarod-watching, and was able to be right up alongside the trail when all of the teams went past in their glorious ceremonial run! I can imagine her photos are absolutely splendid, as she was mere feet from every team going by!

    The last night she came with me to an annual Iditarod Friends' dinner gathering, which we've been holding for over ten years now, at one of Anchorage's most delightfully historic dinner spots, Gwennies! I wish I'd gotten a photo of her as she admired and tried on a friend's sea otter and beaver mitts, and a lovely sealskin hat from the local Native crafts sale. We chatted and dined and had a lovely evening, and it was really special to have dear Gwynn there with us until the last four of us trooped down the stairs and off to our respective beds. I dropped Gwynn off at her hotel with a promise to be back in a couple of days for more adventures!

  2. Thanks Helen. I got locked out of my blogs with a password screw-up and just got back in finally! I have a lot of playing catch-up to do now and working to get those photos organized. Thanks for stopping by and filling in!


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